Hotel Aqua Dome, Längenfeld Austria Review

The Hotel Aqua Dome, nestled in the Ötztal valley, Austria is nothing short of magnificent both in terms of its setting and architecture. Discreetly tucked away behind the tiny town of Längenfeld, is a spa heaven with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains from its stylish indoor and outdoor pools.

As you enter the Aqua Dome in Längenfeld, under its curved ceiling, a sense of calm falls over you before you even reach the baths. Inside, two large thermal pools sit behind an enormous glass wall framing the panoramic views of the valley. The stainless steel pools have a cool modern aesthetic, contrasting with the hot water (with one pool at 34C and one pool at 36C). The hot pool has a range of jacuzzi seats and jets, while the cooler pool has powerful massage jet for the head and back.

From the indoor pool, you can swim through a gateway into the fresh alpine air, where a channel of warm water leads you to a quick moving lazy river and then on to the outdoor pools. There are three circular outdoor thermal pools suspended from a central stair tower. From these pools you are able to truly appreciate the scale of the surrounding mountains. The first pool up the tower is a pleasant whirl pool, but it gets really exciting as you climb up. The middle pool has a central fountain that intermittently releases a jet of sulphur water direct from the thermal spring. The hot sulphur has the inevitable smell of eggs but the jet gives a powerful massage and its claims to have health benefits. The top pool at first glance seems like the least remarkable, until you discover that it is a brine pool and has music playing under water. It’s also the hottest outdoor pool at 36C. Tip your head back, and relax with your ears in the water. You’ll be amazed just how relaxing this can be and you’ll need to watch out that you don’t drift off to sleep.

Other Facilities

The Aqua Dome has a good restaurant, which will credit you with extra time in the baths if you eat there. There is also large Lounge Area where you can relax out of the water, a warm room with heated stone benches. The thermal baths also part of a larger spa complex which includes sauna and steam rooms, treatments, fitness facilities and a hotel, though access to these facilities is not included in the bath entry fee.


The Aqua Dome is nothing short of stunning. Beautifully designed in a magnificent location, a few hours here may well be the most relaxing of your life.

Best Thing

Views of the mountains from the indoor and the outdoor pools.

Worst Thing

You can’t stay forever!

Top Tip

Go to the top outdoor pool, lie back, spread your legs wide and hook your ankles over the edge of the pool. Then tip your head back and listen to the gentle underwater music while the clouds drift by overhead.


Setting: 5/5
Architecture: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Facilities: 5/5
Value: 4/5
TOTAL: 24/25 (5stars)

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