Brine Baths, Droitwich Spa closed due to health hazard

The Brine Baths in Drothwich Spa, UK known for their medicinal properties have been closed until further notice due to a health hazard. The baths owners BMI healthcare have issued the following statement:

“Following specialist inspections at Droitwich Spa Brine Baths on Friday 12 December 2008, the facility has been closed to allow further building investigations to take place and to avoid any potential hazard to the public or staff.

Droitwich Spa Hospital (telephone 01905 793333) that owns and runs the facility is seeking to contact members and those that have purchased, or have been given gift vouchers, to discuss the options available to them.

Droitwich Brine Bath, opened in 1985, to provide a natural spa bath and associated treatments.

As soon as further details are available, these will be be provided”.

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