Gellert Thermal Bath Review, Budapest, Hungary

The Gellert Baths in Budapest and one of the city’s most popular and best preserved historic bath’s, adjoining the art nouveau Danubius Hotel Gellert. The building is so grand in fact you can pay as a tourist to enter the viewing area even if you don’t want to try the hot baths.

The changing rooms are separate men’s and women’s and it easy to get yourself lost in the maze of corridors as the signs are all written in Hungarian, but the staff are used to it and when all this try to send you back in the right direction. The focal point of the baths is its grand central swimming pool, with its glass or supported by intricate marble columns. The perfect place to view this is from the small semicircular hotpot at the end of the pool made them so up the heat and marvel at the architectural details of the building. The main thermal baths can be accessed from the far end of the swimming pool with separate sections for men and women, so it’s not the ideal place to visit if you are a couple unless of course you need a break from each other. The water is kept at a scorching 44°C so it is really a genuine hot bath. The interiors of the main thermal baths are a truly surreal experience with ornate tiling and murals lining the walls. There are no windows in the storms so you are completely shut off from the outside world, and with many of the local bathing naked, the only reminder that you are in the 21st century are the other apprehensive looking tourists.

There are also some outdoor fun pool including a wave pool that are open in summer and make the Gellert baths more of an enjoyable family experience, but the main attraction for most is the impressive architecture of the indoor thermal baths.

Other Facilities
A range of massage treatments are available at Gellert baths and it also has a small canteen area selling a variety of fried foods.

Best Thing
The well preserved art nouveau architecture makes you feel like you have stepped back in time.

Worst Thing
Separate men’s and women’s thermal baths mean that it is not ideal for couples or families.

Top Tip
If you just want to see the coloumed swimming pool, then save yourself the money and go in the viewing gallery, but you if you are really interested then it is worth entering the main thermal baths and immersing yourself in the experience.

The Gellert baths in Budapest on one of the clandestine historic Bath in Hungary and if you are interested in architecture then it’s the perfect place to go and take a step back in time. It is however a somewhat intense experience and if you’re not used to this style of Bath and many visitors may find themselves at home in the city’s Szechenyi Baths.


Setting: 4/5
Architecture: 5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Facilities: 2/5
Value: 3/5
TOTAL: 17/25 (3 stars)

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