Sarvar Furdo Review, Hungary

Sarvar is one of Hungary’s most recently developed thermal spa towns. The main bath complex has been steadily developed since it opened in 1968 and has grown into a very substantial modern spa complex. It is located on the quiet outskirts of town with views of the attractive woodlands and the neighbouring campsite, which is much better value than the official 4-star campsite and has a great restaurant in the guesthouse. Entry to the Bath’s cost just over 2000Ft and lets you stay for the full day, which is great in the summer when all of the outdoor pool are open.

The main thermal spa area is open all year round and consists of two large warm pools that are half indoors, half outdoors. One of these is a fun pool with the range of bubble jets and fountains, a lazy river and a rather curious shaded massage area in the outdoor section. You enter by passing through a wall of water that only just works, and inside you will find a series of pods where you can stand and be massaged from all sides. To be honest, it’s not a particularly brilliant massage and project keep spraying water in your face, but try it for fun rather than for its health benefits and it’s a bit of a laugh. The main bath is free of jets and is purely for relaxation, with plenty of seating and underwater sun loungers, as well as a chess table in the centre of the indoor area, though you will have two play with pebbles as they don’t provide any chess pieces. Both of these baths are extremely clean and well maintained, which contrasts somewhat with the hottest indoor pool which has dirt floating around in it and feels quite unpleasant, even if it is supposed to be the natural mineral bath.

If you go in peak season then there are a number of other pools open outside, including a wave pool, swimming pool, water slide and kids pool. It’s a shame that these aren’t open in the spring as this part of Hungary has got a really good weather from April onwards, but there is still plenty to satisfy you. Within the grounds there is volleyball pitch, a five side football pitch, sunbathing areas and several different restaurants and food stalls. The quality of food in most restaurants isn’t anything to get excited about, but at least you won’t go hungry. The main buildings are more stylish from a distance than up close, but they do have a large glass facade that makes the indoor pools very light and gives you views of the outdoor pools and woodland beyond.

There are good changing facilities and your electronic wristband will open and close your designated locker. The showers and toilets are really the only part of the baths that look like they got missed in most recent renovations. Most of the showers have the temperature control plumbed in back to front, so if you think there’s no hot water try setting it on cold.

Best Thing
Lots of outdoor space in and out of the thermal baths, all in an attractive setting.

Worst Thing
The cleanliness and maintenance of the toilets and showers lets the thermal baths down.

Top Tip
If you go in the evening it becomes a lot cheaper.

An all-round good thermal baths complex in attractive surroundings. In fact, that really does sum it up because there is not much wrong with the Sarvar thermal baths but there isn’t really anything remarkable about them either.

If you want something really remarkable then there is the 5-star Spirit Hotel Thermal Spa just a short walk away, but it does cost 40Euro for entry so you get what you pay for.

Setting: 4/5
Architecture: 3/5
Ambience: 5/5
Facilities: 3/5
Value: 4/5
TOTAL: 19/25 (3 stars)

Where to Stay

LuxurySpirit Hotel Thermal Spa *****

Midrange Danubius Health Spa Resort Sarvar ****

Budget Wolf Hotel ***

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