Termal Furdo Zalaegerszeg Review, Hungary

The Termal Furdo Zalaegerszeg is one of Hungary’s newest thermal baths, built in 2007 adjacent to the Aquacity waterpark. An all day ticket cost around 2000ft and means that he would not have to worry about time.

The complex has a very simple layout and is immaculately presented throughout.
The main indoor baths and are housed in a circular building with a series of different poo and will ls at slightly different levels, and large skylights carefully positioned to allow you to lie back and look at the sky, but also find some shade if you need is to cool down.
None of the pools are particularly large, but there is good variety. The three main pools are around 34°C and have excellent range of bubble and massage jets, as well as a mushroom fountain and a decent lazy river in the top pool .

The two hot pools are around 37°C and as with all the indoor pool to the water is crystal clear. If that had not got enough that there for a couple of small saunas, just watch out for the cold showers next to the saunas if you’re not prepared for it. All other showers are nice and warm.

In the centre is a dedicated children’s and baby pool as well as a smaller waterslide that runs were from the floor of above, where you will find a bar selling drinks and sweets, though it is not always open and there is no restaurant in the complex, so your best bet is to eat dinner in the town of a few miles away.

There are also a couple of outdoor pools which are well designed and filled with clean thermal water, which is very enjoyable when the weather is good. However, the outdoor pool predates the main indoor complex and is in dire need of maintenance. Actually, the only thing that really let Thermal Furdo down is the fact that it’s not completed. The main indoor baths and changing facilities are excellent, but work has not begun on the adjoining Hotel, thermal village and updates to the outdoor pool’s, and we get the impression that it might just never happen, and so leaves what is one of the Hungary’s best indoor bath slightly stranded in the middle of nowhere.

That said, the surrounding countryside is extremely attractive and the rural location gives the baths tranquillity that you don’t find in more urban settings. It’s just a shame that as the complex hasn’t been completed and is not properly landscaped, the fences in places spoiling views of the surrounding fields and woods.

The baths are open late every night and as the sun goes down the indoor pools are transformed with an array of coloured lights, which mean that the baths can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

Best Thing

Indoor pools are so bubbly designed with a layout that flows naturally from one area to the next and a beautifully calming interior design.

Worst Thing

The complex isn’t finished, leaving his fantastic indoor thermal bath a little on its own.

Top Tip

Plan your meals around your trip as there is no restaurant at the thermal baths and you will probably need to eat in Zalaegerszeg itself.


Termal Furdo, Zalaegerszeg is without doubt one of the most stylish and maintained indoor thermal baths in Hungary on and caters particularly well for families, especially in summer when the Aquacity waterpark next door is open. It’s just a shame that the complex hasn’t been finished as it’s let down by the poorly maintained outdoor pool, basic landscaping and lack of proper restaurant.


Setting: 3/5
Architecture: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Facilities: 3/5
Value: 4/5
TOTAL: 19/25 (four stars)

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