Hungary Thermal Baths

Located on the flat plains in central Europe, Hungary is one of the most thermally active countries in Europe. They range from small hot pools in rural villages and the Heviz thermal lake to luxury spa hotels and Budapest’s historic thermal baths. There are said to be over 120 thermal baths in Hungary, and as we have found from experience, get in the car and head in any random direction and you’ll soon come across one. We’ve listed all those that we have found so far and will continue to add information as we find more.

Thermal Baths in Budapest

Széchenyi Thermal and Medicinal Bath Read Review…
Allatkerti korut 11 Budapest 1146 (Best Hotel Deals)

Kiraly Bath / Kiraly fürdo
1027 Fo utca 84 District 2. Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Gellért Baths Read Review…
1118 Kelenhegyi út 4 District 11. Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Dandar Thermal Bath
1095 Dandár utca 5 District 9. Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Dagály Thermal Bath
1138 Népfürdo utca 36 District 13. Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Ujpest Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool
1042 Árpád út 114 District 4. Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Rudas Medicinal Baths
Döbrentei tér 9, District 2, Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Lukács Medicinal Baths
Frankel Leó u. 25-29, District 2, Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Csilleghegy Baths
Pusztakúti út 3.Óbuda, III. district, Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget
1138- Budapest, Margitsziget (Best Hotel Deals)

Danubius Health Spa Resort Helia
Kárpát utca 62-64., 1133 Budapest (Best Hotel Deals)
Tel: +36-1-889-5800


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Seasonal Baths in Budapest

Csepel Thermal Pool
1213 Hollandi út 14, District 21., Budapest
(Best Hotel Deals)
Tel: +36 277 6576

Palatinus Thermal Pool (Strandfurdo)
1138- Budapest, Margitsziget (Best Hotel Deals)

Paskal Thermal Pool (Strandfurdo)
Közép-Magyarország > Budapest megye, 1149 Budapest, Egressy út 178/f. (Best Hotel Deals)
Tel: +36 252-6944

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Thermal Baths outside Budapest

Heviz Thermal Lake Read Review…
The lake in Heviz is the largest thermal lake in Europe.

Hévíz, Dr. Schulhof Vilmos sétány 1
Tel: +36 83 501-708 Heviz

Savar Termal Furdo Read Review…
H-9600 Sárvár Vadkert út 1.
Tel: +36(0)6 95 523 600

Kehida Termal Furdo Read Review…
8784 Kehidakustány, Kossuth L. u. 62
Tel: +36(0)6 83534-50

Bad Zalakaros

Medicinal Spa of Bük
9740 Bükfürdo, Termál krt.2.
Tel: +36-94-558-080

Salthill Thermal Spa Egerszalok
Forrás Street 4. Egerszalók 3394
Tel: +36 36/688 500

Sa-Ra Termálfürdo
9437 Hegyko, Fürdo u. 5.
Tel: +36 99/540-220

Püspökladányi Gyógyfürdo
4150 Püspökladány, Petofi u. 62.
Tel: +36-54/450-946

Tiszaújvárosi Thermal bath Complex
3580 Tiszaújváros, Szederkényi road 12.
Tel: +36-49/540-46

Rába Quelle Spa Thermal and Adventure Bath
9025 Gyor, Fürdo sq. 1.
Tel: +36-96-514-900

Sikonda Wellness Hotel and Spa
7300 Komló- Sikonda, Fürdo u. 5.
Tel: +36-72-582-060

Medical and Thermal bath of Újszeged
6726 Szeged, Fürdõ str. 1
Tel: +36-62-425-721

Füzesgyarmat Lido of the Local Government
5525 Füzesgyarmat, Kossuth u. 88.
Tel: +36-66-491-148

Anna Medical Thermal and Experience Bath
6720 Szeged, Tisza L. boulevard 24.
Tel: +36-62-425-721

St. Gotthard Spa & Wellness
9970 Szentgotthárd, Füzesi út 3/A.
Tel: +36-94-553-553

Orosháza-Gyopárosi Gyógy-, Park- és Élményfürdo
5904 Orosháza-Gyopárosfürdo, Fasor utca 3.
Tel: +36-68-411-962

Cserkeszolo Bath and Medicinal Centre

5465 Cserkeszolo, Fürdo road 1/a.
Tel: +36-56-568-465

Dr. Bugyi István Hospital Thermal Spa and Day-time Hospital
6600 Szentes, Ady E. u. 44.
Tel: +36-63-313-244 – 159

Balneo Zsóri Thermal & Wellness
3400 Mezokövesd, Zsóry-bath, Fülemüle st. 2
Tel: +36-1-412-10-8

Thermal Hotel Szivek
5309 Berekfürdo, Hortobágyi út 1.
Tel: +36-1-412-1087

Mesteri Thermal Bath
9551 Mesteri Kosuth u. 49

H-8500 Várkert út 5
Tel: (89) 512-600

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